Edison Cultural Arts Center Project

The Edison Arts Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization, supports the activities of the Robert & Bertha Edison Cultural Arts Center.  The Foundation actively seeks funding for the Center’s productions and presentations as well as its physical plant and capital upkeep requirements. The Foundation also seeks funding for programs and projects for cultural and educational purpose. The Foundation will appropriately steward funds held for the benefit of the Center, while actively engaging the community for support on the Center’s behalf. Recognizing the cultural depth of the communities that the Center serves, the Foundation seeks to celebrate and highlight diversity in its presentations and operations.

Project Renderings

The Center’s Mission

The following are goals and objectives of Edison Cultural Arts Center

  • Create a community arts theater complex and dance studio with a warm, supportive atmosphere, which is based on satisfying customers.
  • Provide a social and entertainment forum for people with diverse interests, backgrounds and ages.
  • Provide theater and dance training for students at all levels of acting and dance, from beginner to advance.
  • Provide continual training, benefits and incentives for staff to encourage a long-term commitment of employees.
  • Improve community standard of living with future retail development and boost employment opportunity through job creation and maintain an annual sales revenue growth.

Learn More About The Project (PDF)

Legacy Sponsorship Naming Rights Opportunities

Your generous support and partnership in our Legacy Sponsorship and Naming Rights Program will set forth Revitalization Without Gentrification for the Fort Bend Houston area and the children and families that call it home. You can help us ensure that the future of this community stay enriched with culture, arts, and family services for generations to come.  No gift is too small. Even a mustard seed grows into a sanctuary for life to thrive. Your gift make a large impact!

Sponsorship Opportunities (PDF)

In addition, the Edison Arts Foundation will provide community outreach offering specialty dance and fine arts instruction and programming to schools, nursing homes, and any business or organization wanting a specialized program. Edison Cultural Arts Center will be closely linked to the other studios in the Fort Bend/Houston area and as such provide partnerships, collaborations, resident artists, and exchange programs which will give the community a multitude of opportunities.

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