5 – 13

K – 8


March 31, 2024

School Pick-up must be within a 10 mi radius

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When there’s school, there’s Afterschool!

The Afterschool Arts Academy is an after-school fine arts program designed to reach youth in their most critical hours. The Academy picks up students ages 5-13 years old, in grades K- 8, who are from schools within a 10-mile radius of the facility. Through arts discipline, access to healthy foods, and academic support, the Afterschool Arts Academy works to eliminate childhood delinquency, obesity, and it improves the academic learning achievement gap.

While developing the social and life skills of success, every child has the opportunity to find enjoyment in achieving greatness through discipline. The young Academy artists participate in two annual recitals and have various performance events throughout the school year. The Academy provides performance and technical training in visual and digital arts, dance, music, and theater while providing daily academic resources.


Tuition Cost:

  • Afterschool Arts Academy Program offers Full and Reduced Cost scholarships to all families who qualify.
  • Market rate tuition: $75/week
  • All Academy program fees and tuition costs are based on family income and assessed on a sliding scale.
  • At the time of registration, each attendee must meet a one-time registration fee of$50.
  • Admission is on a first-come, first-served basis

In a study conducted by Afterschool Alliance, the research found that after-school programs greatly impact the following:

  • increasing children’s earning potential as adults
  • improving youth’s performance at school and home
  • reducing crime and juvenile delinquency

Learn more about the impact of Afterschool programs on children and families from this factsheet published by Afterschool Alliance