The Edison Arts Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization, supports the activities of the Robert & Bertha Edison Cultural Arts Center.

The Foundation actively seeks funding for the Center’s productions and presentations as well as its physical plant and capital upkeep requirements. The Foundation will also seek funding for programs and projects to cultural and educational purpose.  The Foundation will appropriately steward funds held for the benefit of the Center, while actively engaging the community for support on the Center’s behalf. Recognizing the cultural depth of the communities that the Center serves, the Foundation seeks to celebrate and highlight diversity in its presentations and operations.

The Edison Arts Foundation was established as a nonprofit corporation in 2013 by Charity Edison Carter, to be operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. The stated mission of the Edison Arts Foundation is to encourage and assist education and to improve and enrich the quality of life in Fort Bend Houston by providing and promoting opportunities for the study and enjoyment of the arts.

The Foundation’s charter as a nonprofit corporation was issued by the Texas Secretary of State on August 23, 2013. On that day, the Foundation also was determined by the Internal Revenue Service to be a tax-exempt organization under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, as a result of its organization and operation for charitable purposes. In addition to its status as exempt, contributions made to the Foundation are deductible by donors.

Through its directors and officers, the Edison Foundation today carries on the philanthropic legacy with the programs at the Edison Performance Arts Center and Main Stage Theater, and the After-School Arts Academy, STAR Summer Theater Arts Repertory, as well as through the support of charitable programming and charitable organizations in and through Fort Bend County and the City of Houston that focus on education, arts and culture, health care, social needs, and community enhance.